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MSF Principles

The MSF process model is directly associated with the following four MSF principles.

Work Toward a Shared Vision

Fundamental to the success of any joint activity is that team members and the customer have a shared vision—that is, a clear understanding as to what the goals and objectives are for the solution. Team members and customers all bring with them assumptions as to what the activity is going to do for the organization. A shared vision brings those assumptions to light and ensures that all participants are working to accomplish the same goal.

Clarifying and getting commitment to a shared vision is so important that the MSF process model designates a phase and a major milestone for that purpose.

Stay Agile—Expect Things to Change

Traditional project management disciplines and the waterfall process model assume that requirements can be clearly articulated at the outset and that they will not change significantly during a project life cycle. MSF, in contrast, makes the fundamental assumption that continual change should be expected and managed.

Focus on Delivering Business Value

Successful solutions, whether targeted at organizations or individuals, must satisfy some basic need and deliver value or benefit to the customer. For individuals, the benefit may be in satisfying some emotional need, such as most computer games. For organizations, however, the key driver is business value.

A solution does not provide value until it is fully deployed into live production. For this reason, the life cycle of the MSF process model includes both development and deployment of a solution.

Foster Open Communication

Historically many organizations and projects have operated purely on a need-to-know basis. In other words, information is only given to people who can prove that they must have the information to do their job. This approach frequently leads to misunderstandings, which impair the ability of a team to deliver a successful solution.

The MSF process model prescribes an open and honest approach to communications, both within the team and with key stakeholders. A free flow of information not only reduces the chances of misunderstandings and wasted effort; it also ensures that all team members can contribute toward reducing uncertainties surrounding the project.

For these reasons, the MSF process model provides review points. Documented deliverables keep the progress of the project visible and well communicated among the team, stakeholders, and the customer.

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