Secure Data Centre

Server and Application Hosting

Stromboli’s hosting infrastructure is based in a secure facility in London's Docklands. All services are delivered through an advanced data centre, which features a resilient infrastructure, including multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection, in-house support and environmental controls.

Shared, Dedicated and Colocated Hosting

We use high quality HP-Compaq Proliant servers. The servers are supported by 24-hour on site engineers. The Internet connection is provided by a 100Mbit/s port connected to the Level3 network.

All hosting systems are protected by NetScreen firewalls. Hosting solutions can be provided with a 'no single point of failure' configuration with all firewalls, routers and switches having redundant counterparts.

Site statistics and server logs are analysed on a monthly basis, and these reports can be made available to the customer.

For the physical hosting we offer three options:
  1. Space on a shared server (shared with other customers), this can be with or without database access.

  2. A dedicated server (we provide and manage a fully configured server for you)

  3. Co-located server (i.e. you own the server and software, we provide the Internet port and Firewall)
Stromboli Servers (for shared and dedicated hosting)
Stromboli procures, configures and installs the software and hardware systems on these servers for maximum reliability. Stromboli monitors and maintains them and ensures the servers are backed up. Redundancy options include dual processors, dual hot-plug power supplies, RAID disk sub-systems, redundant fans and redundant network interfaces.

Co-located Servers
You procure the server and software and configure it, we install it in our hosting facility. We monitor the server and alert you when it suffers a hardware failure. We will power cycle the server if required and any other hands-on intervention is charged at an hourly rate.

Our hosting prices are based on the level of redundancy and capacity provided and also by the bandwidth required by a site or application. We can provide individual quotations for your specific requirements. If application support is also required, this can be purchased with hosting and provided with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).