Stromboli developed this web based application for Archemix Corporation, a rapidly growing US biotech company based in Cambridge, MA. The application has been in daily use since 2002 and allows researchers to record and analyse the production of bacterial clones. It also tracks the production of proteins using these clones.

Business Problem - Track production of proteins by batch.
  • Workflow is to be managed using a relational database and a series of input screens.

  • Security, the project must manage the staff and client hierarchy with regard to all the relevant security issues.
  • Data entry and browsing functionality to view and track the data flexibly using a variety of schema.

Stromboli Solution.
  • Database backed web solution - straightforward, low cost installation. Stromboli's new .NET version allows installation as either a web-based application or a windows forms application.

  • Security policies allow differentiation of staff access levels.

  • Stromboli now employ modern technologies such as SQlServer 2000 and the VB.NET programming language allowing for rapid and flexible development and deployment.

  • Enables workflow management and quality control through the use of an administration system which allows researchers to record and track workflow relating to batches of proteins. Staff management is also integrated.